higeo is an organization dedicated to empowering the lives of those in need by offering personal attention, counseling, assistance, and inspiration to help them reach their full potential and achieve individual success. No matter what barriers an individual may have encountered, HiGEO provides the necessary tools to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

We focus on three lines of work to fulfill that mission, all of them at no cost.

  1. Targeted Case Management

  2. Community Behavioral Health

  3. Donations


HIGEO provides assistance to adults and children with serious mental illness or emotional disorders. HiGeo helps individuals and their families gain access to needed medical, social, educational and other services that are vital in the path to recovery. Eligibility for this service is based on current diagnosis, mental health treatment history, level of functioning and other medical criteria. Our services include monitoring the progress of families.

We offer transportation to get to our location and to come back home, this service requires prior scheduling. We also have breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks during your stay at HiGeo.

Orlando Gomez
Medical Director
Pilar Gil
TCM Supervisor
Hubaldo Vasquez
Operations Manager
Yixa Zayas 
Mental Health Supervisor
Marles Soto
Administrative Assistant 
Alexis Troche
M. H. Evaluator 
M.H. Counselors Team
Marisa Ortega
Mayra Aquino
Piedad Cortes
Lyanne Velazquez
Dayana Ojeda
Nerilyn Rosario
Alejandro Rojas
Clinical Director
Jonny Quintero
CEO/Human Resources 
Maria Acevedo
Customer Service
Yorlenice Rodriguez
PSR Supervisor
Israel Nazario
TCM Assistant 
Sherry Benejam
M. H. Evaluator
P.S.R. Therapists Team
Paola Torres
Christian Alverio
Arisbeidis Rodriguez
Carlos Melgarejo
Lina Rivera
Yamilette Matias
Antonia Mejia
Jaileen Cruz
Awilda Ramos
Paola Neureddin
TCM Team
Eddy David
Ysabel Martinez
Charlie Cancino
Jose Cosme

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