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The initial approach is made by a phone call to know the insurance coverage and confirm the existence of a diagnosis. 

Once higeo confirms the patient's eligibility, we open all our services for their disposition, initially, we schedule an assessment with a professional in charge of making the "the intake" (biopsychosocial evaluation, treatment plan, and FARS - ITP). If the patient has no diagnosis,  higeo has a professional team able to evaluate and diagnose, making it possible for you access to our services.  

Insurance accepted

higeo strives to be cost-effective in delivering the highest standard of care while working closely with patients, their families, agency representatives, insurance companies and managed care groups in determining all payment options available. Initially, higeo is now accepting patients who have full Medicaid and most of the insurance plans: StayWell, Simply, Humana, Aetna Better, Clarion Health, Clear Health Alliance, Freedom, Miami Children's, Molina, Optimum, Ultimate, Vida Health and Children's Medical Services.

Private services will also be available and the pay rates will be agreed with the patient.