community behavioral health services  We provide the following services: Outpatient services, including specialized outpatient services for children, the elderly, individuals who are chronically mentally ill, and residents of the CMHC’s mental health service area who have been discharged from inpatient treatment at a mental health facility; day treatment, or psychosocial rehabilitation services; and screening for patients being considered for admission to State mental health facilities to determine the appropriateness of such admission.


TCM - Targeted Case Management Services ensure that the needs of the Medicaid eligible person are addressed on an ongoing basis and that appropriate choices are provided  for meeting those needs. TCM includes the following service components:

  • Documented Assessment

  • Development of Personalized Plan 

  • Assistance with Accessing Services

  • Crisis Assistance Planning 

  • Periodic Review

Targeted case management
Coordinating services


  • DCF Benefits (ACCES)

  • Social Security

  • Insurance Services

  • Medicaid Waiver/ Long Term Medicaid

  • Housing Programs

  • Medical/Mental Services

  • Community Programs: 



  • Utilities Services Assistance

  • Legal Services:



  • Adult/Children Day Care

  • Transportation 

  • Home Health Care

  • School Linkage

  • Children After School/Tutoring/Mentoring/Counseling/Behavioral Services

  • Children’s Family Support

Community behavioral health
providing services




  • Individual Therapy 

  • Group Therapy

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

  • Psychiatrist Services/Medication Management (By referral)


We are open to receive help from our community, that food, toiletries, clothes and shoes in good condition, that a family or an individual believes can contribute to the welfare of others, Higeo will receive it, store and coordinate delivery to the hands of the person in a situation of vulnerability.

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